“Kensho” – Psychedelic Mandala Sketch

Psychedelic Mandala Kensho Sketch Coghill

I started up a daily sketch practice this year. It started out being focused on art for my illustration business which focuses more on cartooning. For a while I was actually maintaining some personal art sketches daily as well, but soon the available time just kept getting less and less every day.

It occurred to me that there were no rules for the daily sketch, and that I could devote weekends specifically to working on some personal artwork. Hence, today starts that practice. While I will obviously not be working on these daily, for me they still fall under my “daily sketch” umbrella.

Today’s sketch is titled “Kensho” which caught my ear as I was listening to a podcast while sketching this out initially. Kensho is a Zen Buddhist term for a mystical insight or awakening experience, one that might perhaps be a trigger for a full enlightenment experience.