Flight Temple Color Art

Ancient psychedelic alien temple art

I recently added this full rendering of the Flight Temple sketch to the Portfolio section. I’ve been experimenting with these rough sketches to determine what sort of style I wanted to use for the final artwork. It’s also been quite a while since I’ve worked on art that had a realistic angle to it. In the end, I decided these temples work best with the thick black outlines. They add something to the patterning and visual rhythm of the artwork that is more compelling than treating these as actual stone structures. Regardless, it was fun to work on this and necessary for me to see one of these finalized in this style to make my decision.

I’ve included the original rough sketch, along with a thick outline rough version and an alternate color scheme I experimented with to give you a feel for the process. In the end I also decided to forego the cracked stone effect for this series as well.


Flight Temple psychedelic artwork.